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Zenlaw combines contract management with hundreds of micro-automation blocks to make human legal work more efficient.

Create powerful tailored workflows to unlock your teams potential and bring legal at the center of your business.

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How it works

How it works

1. CC your Zenlaw assistant in emails

Our AI analyzes legal documents to understand what they are and what key data is locked inside them
How it works

2. Access all your documents in a tidy home

We surface key data locked inside these documents to create organized workspace for everything legal.
How it works

3. Design workflows to act upon docs

Activate workflows to automatize tasks such as sharing, processing, or reviewing.
Stay on top of it all, in one tidy home.


Stay on top of it all, in one tidy home.
Zenlaw organizes all your legal files, so you can find anything in seconds.
We'll send alerts if you are missing signatures, or when documents are about to expire, so you rest easy and focus on what you do best.
Not sure where to start? We've got 100s of recipes


Not sure where to start? We've got 100s of recipes
Our team of lawyers, AI and product experts has built hundreds of flexible and easy to implement workflows. Select the ones you need for a specific document, task, team or client.
We made Zenlaw entirely modular so that you can create tailored processes for specific contracts and degree of involvement of AI in legal work

3 weeks saved on the average Due Diligence process!

- Matt T, Skyview Capital

Hundreds of hours of legal work done in seconds.

- Nicolas V, M&A Advisor Stibbe

I didn't know I needed this. Now I couldn't do without it.

- Edward Lando, VC investor

Your eyes only.

Your docs are in a private space,
accessible by who you decide.

Safety upgrade.

2FA and auto-backups mean your data
is safer with Zenlaw then on emails.

Free forever.

Your data will never be paywalled.
Download it at any time, forever.

Tame legal chaos.

Focus on your mission

Start cc'ing your admin and legal documents today, and say hello to a clarity you never imagined.

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