Time To Say Goodbye To CTRL+F

Make decisions 10x more confidently and quickly

ZenSearch is your own powerful private engine, capable of retrieving facts across all your document repositories to generate compelling reports instantly.


Powering A Better Document Search Across Small And Large Companies

The Way You Store And Search Is Obsolete, That’s Costing You.

Are you storing documents across your emails, cloud storage, contract management and signature tools? Are you relying on keywords to search for your answers?

You are wasting 15 minutes per search, which for an Analyst or Finance Manager means up to one day a week.

Zenlaw connects to all these document repositories, and gives you direct answers to all your questions.

Meeting All Your Privacy, Risk Compliance And Accuracy Needs

Zenlaw was built with a Privacy First approach. We aren’t leveraging any Third Party techs and tools, meaning your data never leaves our servers.

Even humans make mistakes when abstracting facts from contracts, but Zenlaw’s AI achieves an error rate 5 times smaller than trained paralegals on the same tasks.

We’ve been able to recalibrate our clients’ external audit process with the help of ZenSearch’s tool and save a lot of time while expanding our scope

VP Financial Services, A Big 4

From The Analyst To The CFO, Everybody Saves Time

Zensearch retrieves facts 10 times faster than paralegals would take, allowing you to beat competition, improve your customers’ experience or simply run swifter operations.

Our Engine was built for all your needs, capable of answering any precise fact retrieved from a specific document; while still being capable of collecting lists of cases across your repositories.

Take it for a spin

Test our Sandbox AI, no need to create an account or share any of your documents


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