Supercharge your teams with one-click contract reports

Collect Contracts from all over the place

A prospect sends you a zip file or a dropbox full of signed documents to analyze for a deal? No problem, Zenlaw’s integration allows you to seamlessly gather documents from everywhere.

Download the right report for the right job

No matter the shape and format of your report, we can build it automatically: Rent Rolls, Encumbrance Report, Building Stack, Due Diligence Contract Report, Audit prep, …

Instantly See what facts our AI found in your docs

Find something fishy in a report? Simply head to Zenlaw and have our AI highlight that element in the original document.

Simple Highlights

All the documents processed by Zenlaw remain accessible on the Webapp, allowing you to vis.

Feedback Loop

CLMs are great at getting your templates signed; but when the other party sends you their template, you’re screwed. Zenlaw can process these documents for you.

Automatically receive notification for dates, terms...

Don’t let any legal document get out of your sight. Zenlaw’s agnostic platform allows you to monitor contract in every shape and size.

Web app
  • Create reports
  • Visualize abstractions
  • Build issue notifications

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